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Posted 1 Jan 2018 by 3rPCgPjGw2B4br6N9DjHcBVBcdE4
Since you seem to have a barrier reading English although clearly can post what she has said ( copy/paste? ) mind you she has no rhyme of reason to explain more than she has and seeing as when Google is down they do not email you personally and let you know what is up... Do they? If so please contact me via this project. They actually do not tell anybody anything , not even news media outlets. These days they may release info after the issue is resolved , normally that is the model of Internet and server hosts and websites.
Answering forum posts on a project takes time and she and ODLK has gone ABOVE and beyond what most projects do right out the starting gate let alone most new and non English as a first language projects. Thank you ODLK and staff , you people are fast when it comes to resolution and you are fast when it comes to implementing fixes along with , and I thank you from all of the rest of usfor taking the time to post replies and answers to your users questions.
Thank you for letting us know that you understand and know what and where the problem is. You did not even have to do that. :)

Simply acknowledging your users had or have concerns is more than many projects would have done and possibly taking the time to translate their language to your own , than formula an answer and again threw the translation matrix we go.. Unfortunately Rosetta Stone nor Goggle Translate have brought world peace thanks to the fact that languages do not translate directly and when you translate back and forth and then forth and back you sometimes get things that may not make sense to you.

Merry X-Mas and a Happy new years to ODLK. Thank to you for taking the time away from your personal life and your friends and family and taking the time away from your holidays to post.

ODLK has taken the time to translate the whole project and site to English and other languages from an originally all Russian only language project AND to please people whom are unaware how the BOINC client works , added SSL so people can login in to their project and their account information without being paranoid.

How about YOU doing YOUR part if YOU are not explaining or asking your question for the project and or scientists to understand properly??
How about YOU get specific what you want to know because apparently you want to be all up in their business?
Yes yes yes i know your power bill your resources , 1000000 other projects but you choose a branched project in alpha that just came out a few days ago obviously in a remote location since vps/dedicated server hosts nave cashed in on people needing space in " the cloud "

Maybe help vs troll , this isn't reddit. Please do not hesitate to ask , its ok if you do not understand what a project admin or forum moderator posts because science is universal.

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