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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Formulaa Boinc Sprint (Message 7254)
Posted 26 Mar 2021 by scole of TSBT
Per Sebastian, the sprint was cancelled because...
The project ODLK is being overwhelmed. So, Sprint #2 has been canceled.

Don't take offense Natalia. Nobody is blaming you or any other members of the project team. And let bluestang's comments roll off. He's that tough on all projects. The project probably should not have been chosen but it's not the first time a project was overwhelmed and it won't be the last time either. In the past everybody dealt with it and let the chips fall where they may. There was no intent for how some have decided to call it. The fact is if the accusers had been able to load up with the number of WUs they wanted, nobody would have gone on a witch hunt and the sprint would have run as it should. So you found a bunker of 86k WUs. There were over 350k other WUs out there but nobody seems to care about that. Your project will still get the benefit of the extra crunchers. We on TSBT plan to complete all we downloaded.
2) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6567)
Posted 8 Oct 2020 by scole of TSBT

But where are your laurels? :)

Sometimes there are no laurels. That's why we refer to it as "speculative" bunkering.
Иногда лавров нет. Поэтому мы называем это «спекулятивным» бункеровкой. (Google Translate)

Big deal. I alone have been producing at the same order of magnitude here occasionally, *without* preventing anybody else from contributing here.

3) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6557)
Posted 8 Oct 2020 by scole of TSBT
The amount of work completed over the past 7 days averages to almost double the average daily work over the past 40 days. We were glad to help.
4) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6549)
Posted 8 Oct 2020 by scole of TSBT
The next project in the list had non-zero ready to send.

Why did this project stop generating work?
5) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6500)
Posted 4 Oct 2020 by scole of TSBT
The project is not harmed. The WUs will get completed. If anything it is getting more crunching done than normal. Without bunkering or any other strategy, you may as well just sum up the total GFLOPS of each team and declare them the winner. That's not what a contest is about in my opinion. If it's just about the science to you, don't worry about the comps and just crunch.

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