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Posted 11 Sep 2021 by Dirk Broer
We don't a new project as a band-aid, we need solving the problems on this project.
WUs are being processed, credit is calculated for them on the user account page, but no credit has actually been uploaded -the stats files keep having the same values since September 4 2021:
look here.
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Posted 10 Sep 2021 by Dirk Broer
I'm currently getting WUs, can process them and they can be uploaded and getting credit.
BUT, the overall creditcount for my account is not adding up! Whats the problem?

Same here
3) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1164)
Posted 12 Dec 2017 by Dirk Broer

Bitcoin Utopia had only one application, but managed to have 15 sub-projects within their project as the sub-projects differed into the their purpose and the WU's were named differently so they could be recognised.
You see things through a scientific mindset, I see it through a BOINC mindset.
I run as many projects as I can (active on 42 projects over the last 30 days 'clanks' here), and as many sub-projects (34 over the last 30 days 'subClanks'here)
Projects like PrimeGrid and World Community Grid are attractive to me because of their sub-projects and related badges, you could do the same with ODLK/Latin Squares.
4) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1149)
Posted 12 Dec 2017 by Dirk Broer
Hi Natalia,

I don't see your problem. The amount of work is not an issue. ODLK has several applications -which could all be sub-projects- and ODLK1 presently has one which, in my eyes, could be yet another sub-project in the same project. Having different sub-projects and their connected badges could help getting your project as popular as World Community Grid or Prime Grid, that handles about as much requests as your job queue is long. There is no real need for a team to start several different BOINC projects -but having two servers in different locations, one in Russia and one in Italy, could perhaps be an issue.
5) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1142)
Posted 11 Dec 2017 by Dirk Broer
Hi Natalia,

Please read the other side of the story.
There is a project that deals with Prime numbers, PrimeGrid. It has some 25 applications (for as many sub-projects -not all active at the moment, but more than still 20 are) and they are all dealing with different Prime Numbers.
There is World Community Grid, that has had thirty applications aimed at healthcare research (and as many sub-projects) -some eight of which are still active.
Yoyo has five active sub-projects, each addressing various different scientific problems and has had 5 more in the past.
Likewise Citizen Science Grid (DNA, Wildlife and SubSetSum research), NFS (lattice sieving step in the Number Field Sieve factorization of large integers), SRBase (prime number research within the Siepinski-Riesel group) and in the past OProject (number research).
People at CERN have taken your approach into setting up BOINC projects, one for each problem, in the past too, but they have combined all their applications as sub-projects into the main project (LHCatHome) and main beta project (LHCatHome-dev) now, perhaps for ease of administration. I've asked them the same question in the past as I am asking you now: Is there a need to make each part of your research into a separate project?
One of the advantages of having subprojects -besides having an overview of your efforts within a project on FreeDC- is that you can have a variety of badges within one project too.
6) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1138)
Posted 10 Dec 2017 by Dirk Broer
Why are ODLK and ODLK1 not just two sub-projects within a Latin Squares project?
Just because there are two different applications there is no reason to have two projects -see e.g. World Community Grid, or PrimeGrid.

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