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Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Bryan
@Icecold - so let me get this straight ... I want to make sure I understand correctly.

If I make a statement that I'm not speaking for my team, SUSA, then I'm free to badmouth/insult any other team by name and it's okay? Is that correct.

I think you need to learn some manners from your teammates, there are some really good folks on TAAT.

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Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Bryan
I see two canceled Sprints

02/04/2020 17:00 (UTC) - 05/04/2020 16:59 (UTC)
04/06/2020 20:00 (UTC) - 07/06/2020 19:59 (UTC)

Is this tactic of some teams the reason?
What should other teams do in the competition if there are no tasks in the project?
My opinion: the Sprint policy should be changed.

No it has nothing to do with tactics. The FB Sprints followed the same dates as the real Formula 1 racing season. When the F1 season was interrupted because of Covid-19 then they cancelled the Formula BOINC sprints. Later they implemented FB sprints on their own schedule.
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Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Bryan
should I spin up 30 instances per machine and wreck T Brada and every other small project before next sprint in case it's chosen so nobody else has the chance to grab WU's?

Hey Icecold, feel free to represent your team, TAAT, any way you choose. If that's what you feel TaaT stands for them go for it. Personally I've always had a higher opinion of them than that.

VietOZ was joking and I told you I would complete all WU I downloaded. If you have a problem with it then I don't know what to tell you. ODLK is going to get "at least" 126k WU from me whether it is chosen for the sprint or not.
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Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Bryan
@Icecold - well n00b :), some good questions but also some bad assumptions.

1. Competitions are based on the credits that validate from the start time to the finish time (with the exception of PG challenges). One technique to score higher in a competition is to "bunker". That means you load up WU from a project, shut down the network, and then report the WU to the project after the start time. You can begin building a bunker as soon as the project deadline is greater than the start time.

Some people, like me, feel this is a valid method to run a competition. Others disagree and they are certainly welcome to their opinion.

2. You are making an "assumption" that people/teams are grabbing all the work so others can't have any. The reality is people are trying to get enough work from the project so they can bunker for themselves for the 7 day deadline the project gives. I seriously doubt that anyone is taking WU so other people can't get any. In my case I downloaded 126k WU and that is the amount of work I can do in 5 days. I didn't bite off more than I chew.

3. DDOS means slamming a server with enough requests that it can not handle any of them. The BOINC server has a limit that determines how often you can contact the server and request work. If you make a request more often than that "time out" period you do not receive ANY work at all. The shortest period on any project I can remember is 2 minutes between request and there is one that requires 15 minutes. On ODLK I set my machine to request work every 5 minutes .... I don't think that quite qualifies as a DDOS attack.

4. There are very few projects left for the FB Sprint so some folks are doing "speculative" bunkering. Meaning they are guessing what the project will be and speculatively building bunkers. Sometimes you hit it right and other times you don't. But in either case the project winds up getting a lot of work done for them.

Please don't pull the holier-than-thou crap
. TAAT has members who are masters at bunkering. If you really want to know how to bunker just post on your team's forums and you'll learn everything you could ever want to know.

that maybe the bunkering, behind the scenes scheming, etc. has gone too far. Can XS/TSBT/Seti USA?/UK BOINC Team? not just beat all the other teams in a straight up no nonsense contest? It certainly seems they have the resources to just compete straight up and probably could beat most of us without wrecking a small project by taking all their tasks and then voting for it. What is the fun in a rigged contest?
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Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Bryan

Задания обрабатываются 583252
Всё! Запас заданий пустой.

а если проект не будет выбран для Спринта, что эти "хомяки" будут делать с набранными заданиями? Они их обработают или выбросят?

I have 126k of the WU on my machines. 42k have already been processed and the remainder will be finished before the next Sprint is announced. If another project is chosen I will turn in the WU on the 7th. If ODLK is chosen I will begin turning them in on the 8th.

None will be thrown away!

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