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Posted 11 Sep 2021 by Icecold
Man of all the threads to bump and use for server issues - one that was started with an openly hostile / antagonistic title. I made this offer over 6 months ago on another forum(which nobody in the BOINC community ever took me up on), but here's a copy/paste-

Icecold 6 months ago wrote:
if anybody here(in the US, outside of the US would probably not be feasible due to shipping/customs) has an internet connection with good upload speed, I'd be happy to donate a PC if they're willing to let it sit there using power and internet, reboot it when necessary, etc. My upload speed is too low to feasibly host a project server, and Fios or anything with symmetrical internet speeds is not available in my area.

The offer stands(and it wasn't going to be legacy hardware), if somebody wants to host it and manage it either at their home or a colo site I'll cover any necessary hardware costs.

But, this seems like a separate issue from their underpowered sever, and could maybe deserve a separate thread for this issue.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Formulaa Boinc Sprint (Message 7260)
Posted 28 Mar 2021 by Icecold

The perpetrators must be identified and punished.

Or is it only the weak server of the project that is to blame for everything ???

Hi Natalia, can you please confirm for the community when my team mates Megacruncher, DavidBAM and the rest of TSBT have completed and returned the downloaded units within the allotted time, before the sprint would have completed.
After that, you can perhaps look at the time taken by them to crunch each one of your units, the computing power they have available and can perhaps reflect on how much of a benefit that could have been to your project had you not decided to join in on a pile on.
Perhaps then you might consider deleting some on the posts you made singling out members of TSBT ?

You can't extrapolate Megacruncher's output to the rest of the sprint since he was crunching it 2 days before the sprint started.
3) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 7239)
Posted 25 Mar 2021 by Icecold
Hi Natalia,

I copied your last post to the FB forum since you're unable to post there. If you want anything else posted please post it here and I will do my best to copy it over there. This site isn't down completely, but it is very difficult to access it at least where I am located.
4) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6510)
Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Icecold
should I spin up 30 instances per machine and wreck T Brada and every other small project before next sprint in case it's chosen so nobody else has the chance to grab WU's?

Hey Icecold, feel free to represent your team, TAAT, any way you choose. If that's what you feel TaaT stands for them go for it. Personally I've always had a higher opinion of them than that.

VietOZ was joking and I told you I would complete all WU I downloaded. If you have a problem with it then I don't know what to tell you. ODLK is going to get "at least" 126k WU from me whether it is chosen for the sprint or not.

I specifically said I don't represent the team in my post. IF YOU LOOK AT FREE-DC YOU'LL NOTICE I'M LIKE 0.0005% OF THEIR POINTS - I DON'T QUALIFY TO REPRESENT THE TEAM. My post was my own opinion. With that said, you guys are intentionally taking all of the tasks FOR A SERVER WE ALL KNOW IS ON SOMEBODY'S HOME PC and can't handle it and are going to dump it after you collude together to vote on the sprint project. Seriously, congratulations. You guys have won DC! You are actively trying to make Formula BOINC so rigged and pointless that it's just TSBT and XS back and forth getting second and third, but at least Gridcoin will keep beating you guys. I'm struggling to understand what world you guys thinks any newcomers will come to DC and not think this is absurd and bail.
5) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6503)
Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Icecold
The project is not harmed. The WUs will get completed. If anything it is getting more crunching done than normal. Without bunkering or any other strategy, you may as well just sum up the total GFLOPS of each team and declare them the winner. That's not what a contest is about in my opinion. If it's just about the science to you, don't worry about the comps and just crunch.

I somewhat agree with you, but this is going to wreck their server. It's well known that their server has performance issues. Any WU's that aren't actually completed and turned in are WU's that could have went to a normal project participant. Viet Oz already told the project scientist that it's likely the tasks would be thrown away if the project isn't chosen for the sprint. Spinning up BOINC instances isn't something only known to TSBT/XS - should I spin up 30 instances per machine and wreck T Brada and every other small project before next sprint in case it's chosen so nobody else has the chance to grab WU's? It's not that other teams don't know how to do it they just don't'. I wouldn't be surprised if this project admin on this says screw it and just shuts off the server like happened with Wanless.

To be honest - it's 50% the comps and 50% the science for me, but I'm NOT willing to do anything I consider unethical. After less than a year of trying to do the competitions I'm left wondering if it's worth it. I don't mind losing, but it seems clear that other teams are not playing in good faith, and if it's a week before the project is announced and I already can't get WU's for what they've voted on I consider that bad faith. Again - I don't speak for my team - but what fun would Formula Boinc be with just a few teams that are aligned with each other semi competing against each other? TSBT/XS already probably already win the 'gflops per team' aspect why also do shady stuff like grab every task a small project has a week before the sprint?
6) Message boards : News : Форум (Message 6499)
Posted 4 Oct 2020 by Icecold

I have 126k of the WU on my machines. 42k have already been processed and the remainder will be finished before the next Sprint is announced. If another project is chosen I will turn in the WU on the 7th. If ODLK is chosen I will begin turning them in on the 8th.

None will be thrown away!

Just to preface this - I'm genuinely just trying to understand here and not trying to be negative. I have some honest questions as somebody that has been doing DC for awhile, but is new to Formula-Boinc competitions, and I don't at all speak for my TeAm -

What is the purpose of still downloading all the tasks even after 500k+ are grabbed? I'm interested in ODLK for the science, but also as a marathon project and potential sprint project. With that said, I'm not going to contribute to effectively DDOS'ing their server by doing one of the scripts to keep doing a BOINC update. If I manually do a BOINC update it has no tasks, so it seems based on how quickly the little work that's being generated is grabbed that it is likely other teams are doing whatever it takes to grab all the work. I guess to me - is it not enough that those teams grabbed 500,000+ tasks and caused a small project to run out of work, but now those teams are literally trying to leave 0 tasks for anybody else? It's clear this small project cannot handle 500,000 tasks uploaded at once since their server struggles to respond timely on a normal day, so what's the point on slamming heir server in this way? If ODLK is selected as the Sprint, which would be likely based on the big players grabbing all the tasks, then I don't understand why grubbing 500,000 tasks isn't enough. Why continue to thrash their server by grabbing all new tasks? Interest of full disclosure - I grabbed 1,000 tasks when I noticed the run on tasks before they were all gone, but i have no intention of hammering their server any further and am just quietly processing those tasks.

I'm a "n00b" on this competitive DC stuff in a lot of ways, but I think at the point where a small project is ran out of work and the admin has to wonder what if there's a bug in the software or what the heck is going on, hope that the bunker of tasks is completed, etc. that maybe the bunkering, behind the scenes scheming, etc. has gone too far. Can XS/TSBT/Seti USA?/UK BOINC Team? not just beat all the other teams in a straight up no nonsense contest? It certainly seems they have the resources to just compete straight up and probably could beat most of us without wrecking a small project by taking all their tasks and then voting for it. What is the fun in a rigged contest?

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