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1) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1325)
Posted 8 Jan 2018 by [B@P] Daniel
I don't see your problem.

Do not you see the problem?
But we see the problem!

ODLK1 can not be a subproject in the ODLK project, because this is not another task.
This is the same task only in another data area.
This increases the processing speed.

So this is not an app problem, but work generator problem. It should generate some WUs from one area and some from another one. Or even some from 3rd and 4th too if you want. Simple.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Russian and English (Message 1027)
Posted 26 Nov 2017 by [B@P] Daniel
Could we please get the News board in English (and Russian if needed) ?
A bad english is better than a russian only, Message Board...

Можем ли мы получить газетную доску на английском (и, если необходимо, на русском)?
Плохой английский лучше, чем русский, доска объявлений ... HEHE :)

+1 for this, now News section is not very useful for non-Russian people.

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