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MarkRBright ("Just another aging geek who likes his PC's to be useful.")
Morgan the Gold ("Morgan the Gold is here too eh. Добар ден, ех. Морган Голд...")
Maurice Goulois ("BOINC Addict forever !")
Michael Goetz ("My name is Michael Goetz. I enjoy mathematics, science, computer science, anything related...")
MajkPascal ("My name is Michał. I'm from Kraków in Poland. I've computed for BOINC since 2011.")
modesti ("Why should I tell you anything about my age, my living, my work? It's permanently changing!...")
Marc ("Ich bin 38 Jahre jung und lebe in Bern in der Schweiz, bin aber in Solothurn aufgewachsen....")
marsinph ("Coming soon")
Maxxramas (".")

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