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1) Message boards : Science : ODLK2 Server hosting PADLS experiment (Message 3123)
Posted 17 Feb 2019 by Profile Coleslaw
He could also try turning on BOINC-wide teams so that it auto creates many accounts automatically like many other projects do.
2) Message boards : News : The branch of ODLK project (Message 1165)
Posted 13 Dec 2017 by Profile Coleslaw
I am thinking this is much more of a language barrier than anything. It doesn't help that she keeps stating "they know" why they needed it but aren't forthcoming in the details to the volunteers on the technical reasons for it. It is possible that "they know" what the problem is but don't necessarily KNOW how to address it under one server. If it was a server capability of storing work, that would be a good answer. If it was the admin didn't have the bandwidth, that would be a good reason. Merely stating that you have reasons but not intelligently explaining them aren't really acceptable. As Dirk has explained, you CAN run the same work units under different app names if you wanted to use different data sets. That could be done under one server. UNLESS the server/network was inadequate for the amount of work being processed. Then moving to a better host should be done. Or running two projects (which would mean you are trying to utilize low resources in two places).

Merely telling people that they need to throw more resources at one of your two projects does not solve the concern nor address the issue AT ALL. A better (and intelligent) answer to the real limitation of running all of the applications under one server would help your cause a great deal.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Russian and English (Message 1042)
Posted 30 Nov 2017 by Profile Coleslaw
Though I agree that it isn't necessary to have all content in English, it would be very important for the project admins to weigh how much support they would lose by not supporting English as it tends to be the most dominant language across the BOINC community. I for one would not even bother with trying to use Google Translate by copy/paste as it would be way too time consuming. I will not add any special add-ons to my browser just to cater to a project. Too many potential problems on my system that could arise from add-ons. Luckily, Google Chrome does a good job at translating on its own. I don't typically use Chrome but am finding there are more and more websites unwilling to code their pages to support the larger population. This brings me back to my point. Who does this project try to appeal to and are they content with the majority of others not bothering due to a simple translation they as well could do on their end with the same tools they suggest?

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